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The only baby carrier
which considers
your back

NEWSuitable for
all sizes

Brevi loves nature.
And listens to it.

When we carry a child in our arms,
we naturally place them on our hip.

A natural support that has always been used by mothers around the world. And also the source of inspiration for product designer Anthony Buysse in the creation of the Pod. "During my various trips around the world, I have seen women walking or even working with their children hanging on their hips. That's how the idea came to me. Thus began the long road of research. A road travelled together with Brevi, who added the benefits of innovative ergonomic research to that of a natural solution".

Brevi Moving Care
Anthony Buysse - Product designer

Anthony BuysseProduct designer

Tested at the
Centre Hospitalier
in Lille (France)

Your child,
always at your side.
For a long time,
without feeling fatigue.

Carrying your child on your hip is natural,
but tiring.

It's easy to explain why: all his weight is on one side, with all the effects you can imagine on your back. When you use the Brevi Pod, his weight is instead distributed evenly, thanks to the support points on the shoulder and armpit. Your child is always comfortable and relaxed, because he is by yours side.
And you can carry him for a long time, without feeling fatigue.


Anyfit™ for Brevi Pod.
Patented comfort.

Anyfit™ is a patented belt and shoulder strap system that relieves back muscle fatigue.

Tests performed at the Centre Hospitalier Règional Universitarie in Lille (France) have shown that Anyfit™ eliminates shoulder and back muscle overload, typical with the use of conventional baby carriers. With Brevi Pod, the weight of the child is distributed between the hip, shoulder and chest, while with a ventral baby carrier, the shoulders and back muscles are highly overloaded.
The result is a more comfortable position for the child and less fatigue for you.

Even grandparents can smile

Brevi Pod can be used at all ages, because it doesn’t weigh on the back.

Weight distribution with BREVI POD.
The hip supports part of the weight of the child.

Weight distribution with ventral baby carrier. The shoulders, back and back area are overloaded.

Wide surface contact between child and parent. Weight is properly positioned low on the hip*.

Thanks to its exclusive underarm strap, the Anyfit™ system absorbs 60% of the weight of the child*.

* Tests performed at the Centre Hospitalier Règional Universitarie in Lille (France).

The baby carrier that adapts to you.

Thanks to the Anyfit™ system, anyone can wear the Brevi Pod.

The adjustment system adapts the baby carrier to the user.
The Anyfit™ straps also ensure the correct position of the child and must be adjusted after selecting the side on which you will be carrying the child. Because Brevi POD offers maximum freedom and, thanks to the even distribution of weight, it can be safely used even by grandparents.
Who no longer need to worry about back pain

Brevi Pod. The future at your side.

Natural inspiration, easy to use, brilliant in execution.

This is Brevi POD, the baby carrier that revolutionises the way we carry children. The careful choice of soft materials the spots in contact with delicate baby’s skin, a robust shell and rigid head support, the practical and flexible use of straps with the Anyfit™ system. This is Brevi’s answer to the mobility needs of today’s parents.
And the need for contact and comfort of their children.

Anthony BuysseProduct designer


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Watch our demonstration videos and discover all the advantages to using the Brevi Pod baby carrier.